apple-icon J. McKenzie Self


quote-on-chalkboardHello! I am McKenzie Self and I am currently majoring in Professional and Technical Writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I finished my minor in Information Technology in December of 2017.

Displayed on this website is all of my work from UA Little Rock’s Information Technology (IT) program. This program covers a variety of topics from website development and design to data management to professional skills in the workplace.

I have always considered myself “tech-savvy” and a problem solver, so the IT program appealed to me right away. I have thoroughly enjoyed my three semesters in the program learning different skills, both technical and professional. I am confident in my knowledge of web development, data management, and professional skills.

As you explore my portfolio you will find plenty of examples of my work from the program. The portfolio itself is also an example of my work, as I developed my own custom WordPress theme. Each assignment is listed with a description of the assignment, as well as any skills that I either developed or enhanced while working on it.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio and my work. I have loved the journey I have taken within the IT minor program. It has made my motto, “I aspire to inspire”, even more true.