apple-icon J. McKenzie Hansen

Spreadsheets and Databases

Spreadsheet Assignment 1

This assignment was the first time that I got my hands on some data and figured out how to manipulate it within a Google Sheet. I learned many different spreadsheet formulas in the process and was able to effectively organize data, as well.


Spreadsheet Assignment 2

This assignment allowed me to use the knowledge and skills I gained in class to organize real world data. The data in this assignment was from my EAST project and helped me get a better look at what my students were doing and if my program was growing or not.


Database Assignment

For my database assignment my instructor wanted us to work within our groups to decide on a business that we can run. My group and I decided to do a Pet Products Company. We then had to develop an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) and a database. We then used Mockaroo to create fake data to fill our database so we could ask the database questions using SQL.