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Client Questionnaire

The Client Questionnaire for when we interview our clients.   Client Questionnaire

Progressive Enhancement

Progressive enhancement is a very interesting topic. It is definitely beneficial to developers because it keeps the same consistency across all web browsers. Progressive enhancement requires you to focus on the content of your webpage. It requires that you have very well marked up HTML, well structured CSS and JavaScript. The reason that progressive enhancement […]

Group Meetings Self Assessment

After taking the self assessment about how I interact in group meetings, I realize that I need to step it up! Normally, I lead group meetings, so I do not know how to really interact as a “listener”. My score was 17. The description for it said this: You can contribute much more to meetings […]

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Quiz I was not very surprised about my EQ score. I knew that I would score high, but I didn’t realize that it would give me a description about myself and how to better improve it. The description made me think because it said that sometimes I can get too caught up in […]

Segway Centaur Micro Site Project

The Segway Centaur Micro Site project was a challenging, but fun project for me to do. It required me to use all of the knowledge and skills that I learned this semester and last semester from Thomas. It also made me have to go out and learn some different tools, such as PHP to make […]

Newspaper Bridge

On February 9th, Cheryl made us do this activity where we had to build a bridge out of newspaper. My team and I were very anxious to build the best bridge and win the challenge, because we haven’t won yet. For our bridge, I was the one that came up with the original idea, but […]

Image Optimization Article

The image optimization article was very interesting. The beginning paragraphs were a lot of things Thomas went over with us in class such as, images occupy a significant amount of visual space and there is no one way or “formula” for optimizing images. Article Takeaways:  1. Using web fonts instead of encoding text into images. […]

File Folder Icon

The file folder icon was our big Fireworks assignment for Thomas. It was extremely frustrating, but fairly easy because we had the tutorial to go by. I didn’t really like the way the tutorial’s images were and some of the directions didn’t really make sense. I had to read over them a few times just […]

Introduction to Adobe Fireworks

To start off our second semester with Thomas, we started messing with Adobe Fireworks. I feel like I had an advantage with working with this program, because I use (and love) Adobe Photoshop. Fireworks is very similar to Photoshop, but it is so much easier. The main thing that stuck out to me with Fireworks […]

To the Moon, We Go!

On Thursday, January 12th, Cheryl made us do an activity with our new teams. We had to rank a list of items that we needed in order to survive in space. The rankings were from 1 to 15 (1 being most important and 15 being least important).  We had to do it individually and then […]

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