apple-icon J. McKenzie Hansen

Web Development and Design

Prototype Document

This prototype document was the first assignment where I experimented with HTML5 and properly marking up content for the web.


CSS Prototype 1

This CSS prototype document is where I took the content from the HTML Prototype Document and styled it. This CSS prototype was the first styling that I did on my own.


CSS Prototype 2

This CSS prototype document used the same content from the previous CSS prototype, but I styled the content in a different way. This assignment also includes a header image that I designed myself in Adobe Fireworks.


Positioning Lab

The positioning lab allowed me to use my CSS skills, specifically float and absolute positioning, to place boxes in certain positions on the webpage. There are two exercises that demonstrate float and two exercises that demonstrate absolute positioning.


Micro Site Project

The micro site project was given to me by my web instructor. He provided content, images, and guidelines for the site; and then I had to go in and develop and design the site using the resources he provided me with.


JavaScript – Cycle Exercise

The cycle exercise allowed me to get some basic experience programming with JavaScript. Each image in the gallery is cycled through with a zoom effect.


Individual Web Project – MMM Delivery Inc.

This project allowed me to develop and design a website from scratch, while working with a real life client. My client was actually my mother, and this website was for her company. She did not have any content, web-ready images, etc. I had to work with her to develop the content, as well as the design. This assignment allowed me to practice working with a client who is not very tech savvy and needed / wanted a lot of explanation of what I was doing along the way.