apple-icon J. McKenzie Hansen

Major Assignments

On this page you will find sample pieces of my work from the major assignments in some of the classes I took to complete the Professional and Technical Writing program. I will not be including the assignment guidelines as those are the property of my instructors. The descriptions of each assignment will outline the ultimate goal of the work.


Introduction to Research Methods

Research Proposal

For this assignment in my Introduction to Research Methods class, I was tasked with creating a sample research proposal that expanded on a topic that we had already been researching. Throughout the semester I focused a lot of my research on child development and screen time (or technology use). It was truly fascinating research. My expansion of the research was related towards parental attitudes toward technology and screen time usage and how it influences children’s attitudes toward technology, as well as their screen time usage.


Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing Campaign – Part 1

Persuasive Writing Campaign – Part 2

Persuasive Writing Campaign – Part 3

For this assignment in my Persuasive Writing class, I was tasked with developing a campaign that persuaded an audience to partake in a certain activity or event. In this class I focused on education, more specifically homeschool education and how we could make it a normal way of educating. People have their opinions about homeschooling, so one way that I saw that we could lower any negative feelings or stereotypes would be to campaign for homeschool professional development.